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The Team

What We Do

We make thousands of pages of resources for teaching, learning and revising different middle and high school subjects, especially CIE iGCSE and IB Chemistry. We also analyse exam questions and exam papers for patterns and trends in how the syllabus is assessed and how exam questions are structured. 

Who We Are

Patrick Brnanac

Founder, CEO & Mr Smashing!!!

I've been working in education for almost 20 years. The site gets its name from a nickname students gave me whilst at a school in Beijing, which they turned into a stamp with my face on it, which is now the logo.

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Tech Lead

András has been crushing IT since the 1960s 


Dustin Mattson

Office Manager

Dustin is leveraging his liberal arts degree to make fancy coffee. And to talk about fancy coffee. A very, very focused man.


Renata Sorrah

SEO Analyst

The brains behind the operation

+55 6284 5239

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