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For the ESAT revision book (University of Cambridge Natural Science degree entrance exam) mapped to IB topics (371 pages). For the same book but 2 pages per sheet (215 pages). It can help any student aiming to make a competitive application to a top 20 UK university. A version for the Biology section also exists on this site. 

IB HL Paper 2 2020w to 2023w broken down by topic revision book, click here

For the same HL P2 exam questions packaged into individual topic booklets see the topics below. 

IB Chemistry REVISION BOOKLETS FOR MAY 2021 EXAMS Using the LATEST EXAM PAPERS broken down by topic (about 1000 Pages):

HIGHER LEVEL PAPER 1 (2019 to 2016, 224 Pages) Click Here

​HIGHER LEVEL Paper 2 (2019 to 2015, 314 pages) Click Here 

(2019 to 2016, 136 Pages) Click Here


STANDARD LEVEL PAPER 2 (2019 tp 2016 178 Pages) click here

For information about the course go to the IBO website here, to for details about the syllabus click here

For the University of Cambridge Natural Science Admissions Assessment (Entrance Exam) past chemistry questions analysed and broken down by IB topics (291 pages UPDATED Oct 2023), click here. This entrance exam is being changed into the Engineering and Science Admission Test (ESAT) for applications for October 16th 2024 for entry to the 2025-26 academic year. The practice materials given are the NSAA exam papers from 2016 to 2023, and the course specification appears to be a slightly reformatted version of the one for NSAA, but without any content changes to the chemistry part at least. 

For End of First Year IB Chemistry Exams Revision Books

STANDARD LEVEL Revision Booklets

Paper 1 Standard Level ALL Topics, 434marks, click here

Paper 1 Standard Level Topics 1 to 7, click here

Paper 2 Standard Level ALL Topic 215 Pages click here 

Paper 2 Standard Level Topics 1 to 7, 62 Pages (13w to 09s), click here

NEW: Paper 2 Standard Level Topics 1 to 7, 62 Pages (16w to 10s), click here

HIGHER LEVEL Revision Booklets

Paper 1 Higher Level ALL Topics Paper 1, click here

Paper 2 Higher Level ALL Topic Paper 2 click here 

Paper 1 Higher Level Topics 1 to 7 only 162Pgs, click here

Paper 2 Higher broken down by topics in individual zipped files 

Past Exam Questions by Topic

T9 Videos:


Lesson Resources

Topic 4 Chemical Bonding and Structure

Simulation about the shapes of covalent molecules worksheet


The resources here are in the process of being reorganised and updated according to the new syllabus for first exam in 2025

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