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G1 (5-7) for the Mid Semester Exam 

G1 (5-7) After the Mid-Semester revision work, click here, 

REVISION BOOK with Paper 2, 4 and 6 broken down into topics for November 2021 Exams, click here


For a formatted holiday reading list (3 Pages) click here.

For summer holiday homework, click here if you are studying AS Chemistry next year.

If you are not continuing chemistry (or even if you are) but would like to know more about doing the kinds of things needed for a good university application, click here

Big changes to the syllabus from 2023​:

Hi everyone! There are substantial changes to the syllabus for two-year iGCSE courses starting in September, including the rearrangement of topics, removal of 2 topics and other things. The course is probably about 85% the same though, just changes in where the same things are. This obviously impacts these resources substantially. Updated versions will be produced in 2024 and uploaded here when they are, including a decent comparison between the old and new versions of the syllabus. 

​For an up-to-date copy (for exams in 2023 and onwards) Full CAIE 0620 newest syllabus, click here, for the older syllabus for exams in 2022) click here. For just the newest (2023 exams) content click here, for older content, click here. For the topic lists mapped to the Complete Chemistry Textbook and which teaching weeks they will be taught in, click here. For the iGCSE Chemistry 0620 Syllabus auto-translated (by Google) in Chinese click here


For students only sitting the CORE exam (Papers 1, 3 and 6) click here 

For information about how to use your notes from class and revision in the most effective way, click here to find out about the Cornell Notetaking method.

For all of the Keywords of the course mapped to the 2022 syllabus and topics, in Quizlet format, click here

iGCSE Physical Chemistry Course Book (750 Pages) Click Here 


iGCSE Chemistry Course Book CAIE Topics 1 to 6 & 12 (585 Pages) Click Here 

Paper 2 Revision Resources

2016 March to 2017 winter 156 Pages Click Here


Paper 4 Revision Resources

First Revision Booklet (Papers 2 and 4) Covering the first half of the course (Topics 1-7, 9, 11.3 and 12) 180 Pages Click Here

Second Revision Booklet. All topics, but with an emphasis on Topics 8 (papers 4 and 6), 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 (Paper 4 only) 300 Pages Click Here

Paper 4 Revision Booklet All Topics 2016 March to 2018 Winter (276 Pages), click here

Multimark Revision Booklets (3 versions):

For printing, 50 Pages (pdf)

For answering the questions electronically (Word file), 50 Pages

For model answers (draft version only partially finished) 50 Pages 

Paper 6 revision resources

For a revision  booklet broken down and organized by question number then topic number (188 Pages), All Topics, Click here

For a guided tour, via a zoom lesson, of a whole Paper 6 exam (original and mark scheme both in the zip file) click here for the 30minute video. For most value from this, maybe try the exam paper first, mark it, then watch the video for tips.

For a more in-depth explanation of how to tackle ions test particularly, click here. 

Paper 6 Revision Booklet (Topics 1 to 6 only) 164 Pages Click Here

Paper 6 Labelling Lab Equipment Questions 14 Pages Click Here

Paper 6 Planning an Experiment Questions  12Pages Click Here 

Paper 6 broken down by question type:

  1. Labeling lab equipment: newer (2016-17) version and older version (before 2016, 22Pages 86marks),

  2. Drawing graphs: older version (before 2013)

  3. 5/6 mark essay questions about planning an experiment: older version (before 2016) and newer (2016-17) version

  4. Chromatography questions: older version (before 2016)

  5. Test for ions: older version (before 2016) and newer (2016-17) version

  6. Test for gases: newer version (2016-17)

  7. Improving experiments and health and safety questions: newer version (2016-17)

  8. Titration questions: newer version (2016-17)

Complete Exams, including mark schemes:

2016, click here

SmashingScience for China iGCSE Chemistry By Topic

Remember, my original website, www.SmashingScience.Org has more resources, is more up to date and is better organized so it is easier to use, but below will give you ALL the essential files to get a strong A* in iGCSE Chemistry.

Topic 1

T1Paper 3 click here (50marks 8Pgs)

Topic 2

T2Paper 3 click here (40marks 8Pgs)

Topic 3

T3Paper 3 click here (309 marks 54Pgs)

Topic 4

T4Paper 3 click here (155marks 28Pgs)

Topic 5

T5Paper 3 click here (125marks)

Topic 6

T6Paper 3 click here (26marks 6Pgs)

Topic 7

T7Paper 3 click here (252marks 54Pgs)

T7Paper 6 click here (353marks 73Pgs)

Topic 8 - Acids, Bases and Salts

T8Paper 2 click here (46marks 16Pgs) 

T8Paper 3/4 click here (245marks 43Pgs)

T8Paper 6 click here (758marks 4Students 124Pgs)

Topic 9

T9Paper 3 click here

Topic 10

T10Paper 3 click here

Topic 11

T11Paper 3 click here

Topic 12

T12Paper 3 click here

Topic 13

T13Paper 3 click here

Topic 14

T14Paper 3 click here

Work for April 2020 - Revision lessons

For a link to the OneNote section from 22nd April click here

Work for March 2020 - Paper 6 (see above)


Work for February 2020

The only remaining topic that needs to be covered is Topic 10 Metals which has already been started in class.

The Topic 10 Topic Book for this topic can be found by Clicking Here (iG Chem 10 TB)

The Topic 10 Past Exam Questions for Paper 3/4 is available by Clicking Here (iG Chem 10 EQ P3)

The Topic 10 Past Exam Questions for Paper 2 is available by Clicking Here (iG Chem 10 EQ P2)

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