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Cambridge's Natural Science Admissions Assessment broken down by A Level Biology topic Section 2 ONLY, click here (173 Pages) 

I've been creating stuff for CAIE iGCSE Biology, I'll upload my powerpoints after I've finished the first batch of files relating to the exam questions organised by topic. 

For Paper 4 and Paper 6 broken down by topics in a single file (have identical content, but the 2 Pages per sheet version is more manageable) for printing:

1 page per sheet (Paper 4 and 6 combined: 832 Pages)

2 pages per sheet (Paper 4 and 6 combined 413 Pages)

Paper 2 DRAFT (228 Pages)

I print out the 2 pages per sheet version using a printing company for my students. 

Happy Revising!

For a formatted holiday reading list (3 Pages) click here.

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